At Zedroit, we offer Privacy Trainings to corporates as well as aspiring privacy professionals. We are also committed to spread privacy awareness in society as part of our ethical as well as corporate social responsibility.

Zedroit conducts privacy trainings for the employees of corporations of all sizes. Our corporate training programs inculcate in employees the fundamentals of data privacy, the importance of protecting personal data and their obligation thereto. We cover regulatory compliance, data handling best practices, data breach management, and privacy program management and much more under our corporate training program.
Zedroit offers privacy training for individuals who are interested in expanding their professional skills in data privacy. Our individual training programs cover a range of topics, including personal privacy protection, online privacy, data subject rights and mobile device privacy to help them build and upscale their career in privacy domain.
Zedroit’s aim is to maximize data privacy awareness in society. As part of this commitment, we offer pro-bono and low-bono privacy awareness campaigns at community groups, education centers and non-profit Organisations. Such organisations may approach us for organising Privacy Awareness Campaigns.

Zedroit offers privacy awareness training for employees at all levels of your organization. Our training covers the fundamentals of data privacy, including the types of personal data, data protection principles, data subject rights, and data breach management.

Our GDPR training is designed for organizations that process personal data of EU residents. Our training covers the key provisions of the GDPR, including data subject rights, lawful basis for processing, data protection impact assessments, and breach notification requirements.

Zedroit can provide role-specific privacy training for employees who handle personal data as part of their job duties, including HR professionals, IT staff, and marketing teams.

Our privacy experts can work with your organization to develop customized privacy training based on your specific needs and industry requirements.

Zedroit can provide your organization with a variety of privacy training materials, including presentations, videos, quizzes, and handouts.

By offering these data privacy training services, Zedroit can help your organization build a culture of privacy and comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations.